About Us

We believe that every child deserves the opportunity of having experiences that will help them reach their full potential. Our work with children will not only be to intervene, but ensure the development of the children’s everyday lives.

Our Vision:

- At Respect Through Sports we educate and prepare children with the skills to help them with their self-discipline, better decision making and team building

- To ensure that children’s experiences of sport allows them to enjoy physical activity

- Through the work that we do with children, we look to deter them from gangs, crime, anti-social behaviour, increased vulnerability, and disengagement from society

- We will provide insight into different opportunities, find pathways that are engaging, and allow them to express and explore these interests We will introduce the children to people from their community, who are successful in these fields, that can give guidance, and share their expertise and experience

- Our approach is beneficial for schools, pupils, and enriches the working lives of teachers and classroom support staff