About Us

We believe that every child deserves the opportunity of having experiences that will help them reach their full potential. Our work with children will not only be to intervene, but ensure the development of the children’s everyday lives.

Our Vision:

- At Respect Through Sports we educate and prepare children with the skills to help them with their self-discipline, better decision making and team building

- To ensure that children’s experiences of sport allows them to enjoy physical activity

- Through the work that we do with children, we look to deter them from gangs, crime, anti-social behaviour, increased vulnerability, and disengagement from society

- We will provide insight into different opportunities, find pathways that are engaging, and allow them to express and explore these interests We will introduce the children to people from their community, who are successful in these fields, that can give guidance, and share their expertise and experience

- Our approach is beneficial for schools, pupils, and enriches the working lives of teachers and classroom support staff

Sports Mentoring Camps:

Respect Through Sports Mentoring Camps are delivered during half terms, and school holidays. The camps have our Sport Coaches and Mentors develop the children/ young peoples physical, technical, psychological, and social skills. At the end of each day, the participants will have the opportunity to take part in our "Life Skills and Enterprise" workshops.

Sports Coaching:

At Respect Through Sports our coaches provide high quality services in the delivery of PE and extra curricular activities ensuring that children are learning the fundamentals of the national curriculum. We can provide a variety of coaches from Sport Coaches, PE assistants, or Sports Mentors

1:1 / Intervention:

Respect Through Sports are able to ensure the delivery of classroom activities by providing Sport Mentors, and Classroom assistants. Our intervention specialists are experienced 1-1 teachers who ensure that classroom learning is maximised throughout the lessons.

Skills / Enterprise workshops:

All of Respect Through Sports Mentors and Partners are DBS, and quality assured in the delivery a our "Life Skills" workshops. These workshops are ocused on building Social and Life skills. These include; Creating a sport sessions, cooking lessons, budget management, communication and developing social and emotional intelligence.

1-1 Sessions

Our Sport Coaches Specialise in 1-1 sessions in Football, Tennis, Fitness, Boxing, and Boxing. If you would like to book a session you can via PayPal below.

October Sports Mentoring Camp

If you are interested in signing your child/children to our october half term camp at Sudbury Primary School. Click the link below

Group Sessions

In addition to 1-1 sessions. We also deliver group Sessions in Football, Tennis, Fitness, and Boxing. If you would like to book a session for up to 5 children/ or adults. Click the PayPal option below.

Why Respect Through Sports? 

- Specialists in keeping children active and engaged in learning

- National curriculum based sports

- CPD for Staff and school teachers within Term & non term time

- Bespoke programmes to the needs of the school and the children

- Impact statements & Personal development plans

- Pathways for children to become Young Mentors

- Partnerships with organisations in the community that provide pathways for children (Sporting and non-sporting)

- Adhere to Ofsted standards

Respect Through Sports Team

Rory is our Business Development Manager. He will be the first point of contact for all new engagements. Rory will be the liason between respect through sports and educational establishments ensuring that both parties are satisfied with provision of services.

Rory Britton

Business Development Manager

Reshon is our Operational Manager. He handles all queries, bookings, meetings, and will ensure that your left satisfied with our services at all of our sites in London.

Reshon Lewis

Operations Manager

Troy is our Sport and Intervention Manager. Troy's passion is to develop children and young peoples physical, social, and mental wellbeing. Troy's experiences include, Behaviour mentoring at primary schools, PE teaching, Football academies, and as a Youth worker.

Troy Shim-Hue

Sport and Intervention Manager


“Troy is an absolute Pleasure. He is hardworking, and able to use his initiative to ensure that our young people are progressing. His creativity and perseverance means that he is able to think tactically to solve problems. Troy is not only a professional, but is a friendly person which young people feel comfortable confiding in.”

Ross Mackenzie

Ark Atwood Primary School Year 5 Teacher

"Rory and Troy have been two of the most influencial members in Wembley Youth organisation. The young people that they have come in to contact with have become more confident and disciplined which has led to an improvement in not only morale, but also ownership of their sporting environment."

Tony Headlam

Chairman of Wembley FC

Our Partners

Contact Us:

If you wish to enquire or book a taster session. Please Fill out the information in the box below. We will respond to all enquires within 24 hours.

Your information will not be published and will be kept confidential. At Respect Through Sports we respect the privacy of the children attending our provision and the privacy of their parents or carers.