Sports Coaching:

At Respect Through Sports our coaches provide high quality services in the delivery of PE and extra curricular activities ensuring that children are learning the fundamentals of the national curriculum. We can provide a variety of coaches from Sport Coaches, PE assistants, or Sports Mentors

Skills / Enterprise workshops:

All of Respect Through Sports Mentors and Partners are DBS, and quality assured in the delivery a our "Life Skills" workshops. These workshops are ocused on building Social and Life skills. These include; Creating a sport sessions, cooking lessons, budget management, communication and developing social and emotional intelligence.

Sports Mentoring Camps:

Respect Through Sports Mentoring Camps are delivered during half terms, and school holidays. The camps have our Sport Coaches and Mentors develop the children/ young peoples physical, technical, psychological, and social skills. At the end of each day, the participants will have the opportunity to take part in our "Life Skills and Enterprise" workshops.

1:1 / Intervention:

Respect Through Sports are able to ensure the delivery of classroom activities by providing Sport Mentors, and Classroom assistants. Our intervention specialists are experienced 1-1 teachers who ensure that classroom learning is maximised throughout the lessons.

1-1 Sessions

Our Sport Coaches Specialise in 1-1 sessions in Football, Tennis, Fitness, Boxing, and Boxing. If you would like to book a session you can via PayPal below.

Sports Mentoring Camp

To find out more information on our Sports Mentoring Camp. Click the link below.

Group Sessions

In addition to 1-1 sessions. We also deliver group Sessions in Football, Tennis, Fitness, and Boxing. If you would like to book a session for up to 5 children/ or adults. Click the PayPal option below.